Dental Bridges

At Start-Smiling we have many ways of replacing missing teeth, not only for cosmetic reasons but also because a gap can destabilise the bite, stress adjacent teeth or trap food.

The treatment options available when choosing to replace missing teeth will be based on how many teeth are missing and the state of your other teeth. At Start-Smiling we fill the gaps caused by missing teeth in one of three ways, being implants, partial dentures or bridges.

A bridge in simple terms is like having two crowns joined together with a false tooth in between. This is cemented onto the teeth either side of the gap and the false tooth ‘bridges the gap’. This is a simple treatment which should last for many years.

The choice of restorative treatment will be based on the condition of your teeth and we will always discuss all three options so you are aware what is best for you.

Whatever your desires to replace missing teeth, here at Start-Smiling we know how important it is to replace them both for your health and appearance, which is why we will always listen to your input and concerns to make sure results are of the highest standard.

Dental Bridges examples

Dental crowns examples Click Here

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Before After
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