C-Fast fixed braces

Crooked teeth and ‘crowding’ are common dental problems, but many people fail to seek treatment for these issues because they are worried about what the treatment will involve.

Uncomfortable orthodontic treatments and unsightly braces are among the most cited reasons for avoiding orthodontic work. However, numerous modern braces are now available, which are a great deal more comfortable and discreet.

C-Fast fixed braces is just one of these innovative new systems and offers patients discreet and highly effective treatment, which is capable of creating the smile of their dreams in only a fraction of the time you would normally expect.

C-Fast fixed braces uses unique tooth-coloured wires and brackets and focuses only on the teeth that are prominent when a patient smiles, instead of attempting to realign a person’s entire bite. By cutting to the core of the problem, patients can see real results in a timescale that was previously unthinkable.

This is also an ideal treatment if you have a special event coming up, as it can prepare your teeth quickly and make sure you are not rushed for time. Treatment is usually completed in 3-6 months.

The C-Fast fixed braces system is comfortable and requires fewer trips to the dentist than other fixed brace treatments, which could also mean a reduction in costs – something else to make you Start-Smiling.

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