Removable Clear Aligners


Removable Clear Aligners are designed to have minimal impact on your everyday life whilst straightening the teeth to achieve the perfect smile. This orthodontic treatment is often perfect for crooked, spaced out, or even overlapping teeth and can be used on patients of any age.

Each Removable Clear Aligner is unique as it is made for each individual patient, and is worn in a sequence of two week stages. Each patient is required to wear the positioner for an optimum of around 20 hours per day, so can be taken out for occasions such as social events, if desired. This technique allows an optimum comfort level whilst gently aligning the teeth millimeter by millimeter until your anticipated look is fully accomplished.

The positioners are manufactured from medical grade plastic. This combined with their extremely thin design means that they are barely noticeable when in the mouth, merely creating a glossy sheen to your teeth.

With a Removable Clear Aligner, there is very marginal impact on speech and dietary requirements, making this one of the easiest and convenient orthodontic treatments available at Start Smiling. Other advantages include the lack of mouth ulcers as opposed to traditional braces as there is nothing to irritate the mouth, minimal probability of enamel decalcification that is often seen in treatments such as this, and because the positioners can be taken out to clean the teeth, a reduced danger of tooth damage or gum disease.

You will require a consultation. After establishing what you want to achieve and how this can be done with Clearstep, x-rays, impressions and pictures of your teeth need to be taken. This is to ensure you will be getting the correct treatment that will most efficiently treat your teeth. From this stage, your Removable Clear Aligners will be manufactured and your road to a perfect smile will begin.


Crowding and crooked teeth are some of the most common problems patients bring to their dentists.

Not only can this problem be an aesthetic one (with many patients suffering from a lack of confidence, which can subsequently affect both their personal and professional lives), it can also cause complications regarding oral health, as well as making it difficult to perform various other treatments.

Clear Braces

Removable Clear Aligners is an innovative orthodontic treatment which can give patients the smile they want, without the traditional problems and obstacles that come with traditional braces.

Removable Clear Aligners works via a series of virtually invisible braces, which are comfortable to wear and are completely removable. Each bespoke aligner is changed on a fortnightly basis, in order to gently move the teeth into the desired position.

Not only does Removable Clear Aligners offer results that are on a par with traditional orthodontic treatments, but it is also incredibly discreet and avoids the stigma and embarrassment that other traditional brace systems can cause.

The level of discreetness and comfort that Removable Clear Aligners is able to provide makes it an ideal treatment for both adults and younger patients.

To see what Removable Clear Aligners can do for your confidence book a consultation with Start-Smiling today.

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