Dental Hygiene in Essex

At Start-Smiling your hygiene appointment is likely to be different to any cleaning you may have had elsewhere. The focus is on improving and maintaining your oral health. Your hygienist will carry out detailed measurements in your mouth to assess the health of the supporting bone and gum around your teeth. This is important; to make sure the foundations of the teeth are intact, before you invest any money in restoring the teeth.

Everybody has Bacteria and food debris which accumulates in their mouth and around the tooth gum junction. This causes inflammation and infection in the gum and eventually can lead to destruction of bone support. This bacterial film becomes hard, known as ‘calculus’ or ‘tartar’ and is impossible for you to remove with your toothbrush. The hygienist will carefully and thoroughly remove these deposits and any stains and then help to devise a realistic and achievable cleaning programme for you to maintain at home.

Our hygienists work closely with our dentists to safeguard you. They carry out facial and oral cancer screening, check the function of your jaw joint and the way your teeth meet and fit together, constantly reassess your gum and bone condition and where justified can take  x-ray radiographs to closely look how things are under the surface.

All this is done with the assistance of a nurse for your safety and comfort. We utilise the very latest and highest quality materials and equipment, and you can even watch TV or a DVD on the ceiling-mounted televisions to help make the appointment a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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