Dental sedation & relaxation

Some people find dentistry so frightening that they may not be able to visit the dentist at all. It is however our hope to make your dental experience as comfortable and straightforward as possible so as to ease any worries you may have.

At Start-Smiling we can help you overcome your fears with relaxation and de-sensitisation, but we also offer sedation techniques for the more anxious patient.

Patient care and treatment standards can be of the highest standards, but some of our patients may still feel that they need sedation. At Start-Smiling we can provide you with IV sedation.

IV sedation is given by an injection in the vein in the hand and this is usually done by a trained seditionist. We can provide this service at our clinic or one of our carefully chosen referral centres.

At Start-Smiling we concentrate on delivering pain-free injections for local anaesthesia and find most patients do not require sedation at all.


We can train our bodies and minds to relax.

With help from our specially trained practitioners and a bit of practice at home, you can overcome your fears and anxieties and face all that life presents, including dentistry.

We want to ensure all patients are able to achieve the smile they desire.

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