Tooth Fillings

Given the opportunity to make an informed choice, the majority of people would want a natural looking tooth coloured filling.

So why would you want silver fillings that show when you talk or laugh? Not only ugly, silver fillings weaken the tooth making them more likely to crack or break. They also contain mercury viewed by some as toxic.

Tooth coloured fillings actually bond to the remaining natural tooth. This helps restore more of the original strength of the tooth as they require less removal of your own natural enamel, the tooth is less likely to fracture. At Start-Smiling we offer porcelain or composite tooth coloured fillings.

If you currently have silver fillings then we will be happy to replace them with the more natural looking tooth coloured fillings. This can be done whether your current silver filling has come to the end of its life or you simply want to have a more natural look.

You can then smile without worrying that any metal is showing when you open your mouth.

We can also offer Cerec 3D one visit porcelain inlays. This wonderful new state of the art technology allows you to have natural
looking strong beautiful teeth in just one visit. Cerec porcelain inlays are hard wearing and long lasting and come in a range of shades, to exactly match your own natural enamel.

Fillings examples

Fillings examples Click Here

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