Root canal treatment


Root Canal treatment (also called Endodontics) is intended to save an infected tooth. Its purpose is to conserve a tooth that has incurred damage from decay, an abscess or a fracture. Although the nerve of the tooth is dead or dying, the actual tooth is not. To save the tooth, we can clean out the small space in the centre of the tooth occupied by the nerve, disinfect the space and then seal it.


This treatment effectively saves the tooth as the tooth does not require blood supply from the nerve for its successful function.

Signs that you may need Root Canal Treatment:

  • Enduring tooth sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet
  • Impulsive, throbbing or intermittent tooth pain
  • Swelling of the facial tissue

Root Canal treatments can typically be deferred for a day or two with over-the-counter painkillers when experiencing pain and inflammation, but these symptoms might be ongoing and can at times lead to unbearable toothache which prevents you from doing normal daily tasks.

Dr Tom is completing an MSc in Endodontics at Queen Mary University of London and is highly trained in this treatment modality. He has access to a high-powered dental microscope which allows him to complete your root canal treatment to the highest standards to maximize success prognosis and ensure that this is a comfortable and pain-free experience.

If you think you are in need of Root Canal treatment, then it is advised that you visit our practice in haste to prevent the onset of any aggravated problems. By attending regular dental check-ups we are also able to monitor the health of your teeth.

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