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Patient Case Studies

Start Smiling: Best Dentist in Essex dental-phobia  Best Dentist In Essex

Severe Phobia Of Dentists

This patient had a severe phobia of dentists and everything “dental”. After being bullied during growing up, and being made to feel guilty about the condition of his teeth by other dental professionals, his anxiety went beyond just the fear of injections or a drill; it was a deeper emotional trauma that we rarely see. We were in communication with this patient for over a year before he was able to build the courage to visit us.

The results were achieved by a huge team effort involving a hygiene plan before everyone involved felt confident to begin the next stages of the cosmetic treatment. This was achieved with tooth whitening and composite bonding of the upper 6 front teeth only. After tooth whitening for 2-weeks the procedure took 2 hours. We are very proud of this case and really think his life will be changed due to the emotional hurdles we have overcome together.

“Dr Tom and team have given me the smile I always wished for but also the tools and techniques to ensure that it stays that way. I now look forward to going to the dentist and seeing everyone there. I could not be happier with the result.”

Start Smiling: Best Dentist in Essex ADULT-THUMB-SUCKER  Best Dentist In Essex

Adult Thumb Sucker

This case was achieved with some simple cosmetic tooth straightening using C-Fast fixed braces. This was followed by tooth whitening and Composite (white) filling material bonding.

“My life has been turned around, I cannot recommend highly enough the professionalism with which Start Smiling and his team handled my treatment. I will smile for many years at not just the results but because the experience has given me confidence to tackle other tasks in life I didn’t think I could handle and do so smiling”

Start Smiling: Best Dentist in Essex STRAIGHTENING-BONDING-CASE  Best Dentist In Essex

Straightening And Bonding

This case was completed with 6-weeks of removable clear aligners which straightened the teeth into a better position. Tooth whitening was completed at the same time. The final perfect smile was finished by using Composite (white) filling material to reshape the front 4 teeth to improve their shape and symmetry. This was all completed by hand. The entire treatment was completed in 8-weeks. There were no injections and the natural tooth surface was not damaged in any way by a dental drill.

“I had very high expectations of what the final look should look like and now with the completed treatment, I am extremely happy with the results. I have received many compliments on my teeth and have referred Start Smiling to a few friends and family along the way!

I feel much more confident smiling in photos and general life attitude. I don’t feel self-conscious about my teeth at all now. I believe with the right experienced and knowledgeable dentist, you will receive the best results.”

Start Smiling: Best Dentist in Essex Smile-makeover  Best Dentist In Essex

Smile Makeover

This is a more advanced smile makeover case which took about 4-months to complete. General dental neglect and previous bad dentistry had resulted in multiple fractured and missing teeth, infections and failing old restorations. We approached this by building the patient’s confidence and improving her hygiene and attendance. We completed 5 root canal treatments to save some of her teeth as well as a few extractions of the teeth too badly broken down. We then re-built the entire smile using a combination of crowns and veneers. We filled the spaces of the missing teeth with bridges.

The end-result is a miraculous transformation. The patient was informed about good oral hygiene development and this was reinforced throughout this process. She now has the understanding to maintain her smile and keep all her remaining teeth for as long as possible. This patient visited me only a few days ago, one-year after treatment completion, and she is maintaining excellent standards of oral hygiene and everything still looks perfect. I am very pleased for her and the progress she has made.

Start Smiling: Best Dentist in Essex smile-makeover-involving-veneers-crowns-and-bridges  Best Dentist In Essex

Smile Makeover Treatment Using Veneers, Crowns And Bridges

A more usual “smile makeover” involving veneers, crowns and bridges which I completed a few years ago. The difference between this type of smile makeover and the other ones I have sent you which utilise white filling material, is that with this case you must first remove all the old crowns and veneers and then drill the teeth to allow for new veneers to be made by a laboratory.

This was much more popular 10-15 years ago as was considered the only way to makeover a smile. Now with the more modern materials we can create beautiful smiles without drilling the teeth and without braking the patients’ bank!

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Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex
Award Winning Best Dentist in Essex

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